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Master of Education

81 to 100 of 125 results [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
Studiengang Titel Studienformat
Applied Philosophy Master VF
Vocational Education and Training - Mechatronics Bachelor VF
Vocational Education - Nursing Science Bachelor LF
Vocational Education Nursing Science Master VF
Business Studies Bachelor VF
Business Studies Master VF
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Master VF
Biology Bachelor VF LF
Biology Master of Education LFM
Chemistry Bachelor VF LF
Chemistry Master VF
Chemistry Master of Education LFM
Communication and Information Technology Master VF
Community Health Care and Nursing: Health Care Research and Health Care Planning Master VF
Comparative and European Law (Hanse Law School) Bachelor VF
Control, Microsystems, Microelectronics Master VF
Digital Media and Society Master VF
Digital Media Bachelor VF
Digital Media Master VF
Ecology Master VF
Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Bachelor VF
Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Master VF
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Bachelor LF
Mathematics for Elementary Teachers Master of Education LFM
English-Speaking Cultures Bachelor PF LF
English-Speaking Cultures/Englisch Master of Education LFM
English-Speaking Cultures: Language, Text, Media Master VF
Environmental Physics Master

The application period for winter term has been extended to July 15th, 2020!

Epidemiology Master VF
Educational Sciences Bachelor
Educational Sciences Master VF
Franco-Romance Studies Bachelor PF LF
Franco-Romance Studies Master of Education LFM
Geography Bachelor VF PF LF
Geography Master of Education LFM
Geosciences Bachelor VF
Geosciences Master VF
German Studies Master VF
German Studies Bachelor PF LF
German Studies Master of Education LFM
History Bachelor VF PF LF
History Master VF
History Master of Education LFM
Hispanic Studies Bachelor PF LF
Hispanic Studies Master of Education LFM
Computer Science Bachelor VF
Computer Science Master VF
Inclusive Education (Grundschule) Bachelor LF
Inclusive Education (Grundschule) Master of Education LFM
Inklusive Pädagogik (Gymnasium/Oberschule) Bachelor LF
Integrated European Studies Bachelor VF
International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory Master VF
Media and Communication Studies Bachelor PF
Professional Public Decision Making Master VF
Social/Cultural Anthropology and Cultural Studies Bachelor PF
Art - Media - Aesthetic Education Bachelor PF LF
Art-Media-Aesthetic Education Master of Education LFM
Art History and Film Studies Master VF
Language Sciences Master VF
Teacher at Vocational Schools – Nursing Master of Education


Teacher at Vocational Schools - Technology Master of Education LFM
Linguistik/Language Sciences Bachelor PF
Marine Biology/Erasmus Mundus Marine Biodiversity and Conservation Master VF
Marine Geosciences Master VF
Marine Microbiology Master VF
Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy Master VF
Material Culture: Textiles Bachelor
Mathematics Bachelor VF LF
Mathematics Master VF
Mathematics Master of Education LFM
Medical Biometry/Biostatistics Master VF
Media Culture and Globalization Master VF
Music Education Bachelor LF
Music Education Master of Education LFM
Musicology Bachelor



Musicology Master VF
Neurosciences Master VF
Dutch Linguistics and Literary Studies Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor PF
Physical Geography: Environmental History Master

The appplication period for winter term has been extended to Juli 15h, 2020!

Physics Bachelor VF LF
Physics Master




Physics Master of Education LFM
Politics-Labor-Economy Bachelor



Political Science Bachelor VF PF
Political Science Master VF
Political Science Master of Education LFM
Production Engineering Master VF
Production Engineering Bachelor VF
Process-oriented materials research (ProMat) Master VF
Psychology Bachelor VF
Psychology Master VF
Public Health/Nursing Science Master VF
Public Health – Health Services, Health Economics and Health Management Master VF
Public Health Bachelor VF PF
Law Bachelor
First State Examination in Law First Law Exam VF
Study of Religion/Religious Education Bachelor PF LF
Study of Religion / Religious Education Master of Education LFM
Study of Religion: Transformations of Religion in Media and Society Master VF
International Romance Studies Master VF
Interdisciplinary Science Education Bachelor LF
Interdisciplinary Science Education Master of Education LFM
Slavic Studies / Russian Bachelor LF
Slavic Studies / Russian Master of Education LFM
Social Policy Master VF
Sociology Bachelor VF PF
Sociology and Social Research Master VF
Space Engineering Master VF
Space Sciences and Technologies – Sensing, Processing, Communication Master VF
Urban and Regional Research Master VF
Systems Engineering Bachelor VF
Systems Engineering Master VF
Industrial Mathematics Bachelor VF
Industrial Mathematics Master VF
Transcultural Studies Master VF
Transnational Law (Hanse Law School) Master VF
Transnational Literary Studies Master VF
Information Systems and Management Bachelor VF
Management and Electrical Engineering Bachelor VF
Management and Electrical Engineering Master VF
Management and Production Engineering Bachelor VF
Engineering and Management Master VF
Business Psychology Master VF
Economics Bachelor VF
= complementary subject, LF = optional for teacher training, LFM = Lehramtsfach im M.Ed., PF = specialty, VF = sole subject,